3D Coolant CFD

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Improve cooling efficiency to enhance part quality
  • Predict required cooling flow rate
  • Reduce cycle time and costs
  • Calculate flow properties, such as temperature, pressure, and velocity
  • Predict potential welding line, sink mark, warpage, pressure loss, etc.
  • Estimate transient mold temperature
  • Support parallel processing to speed up the simulation process

Applicable Industries

Electronics, Mechanical, Consumer Product

Conformal Cooling Design Validation

How to design an efficient cooling system is critical for part quality and cycle time in the injection molding process. Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to its proven success in cost and cooling time reduction. Moldex3D assists users in evaluating the effectiveness of cooling layout design and validating potential molding problems.

3D Coolant CFD-01

Explore Moldex3D’s Capabilities

  • CAD models in STL format can be imported and defined as cooling channels or heating rods in Designer.3D Coolant CFD-02
  • Baffle and bubbler designs can be simulated and analyzed.3D Coolant CFD-03

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