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Adroitec Engineering Solutions (P) Ltd is an Global Engineering Solutions provider with state-of-the-art development centers in India and a 100% owned US based subsidiary HOPE Consulting Inc.. With a team of over 300+ highly qualified and experienced professionals, Adroitec delivers services which are closely aligned with the design-through-manufacturing strategies of its global manufacturing customers, crashing cycle times and reducing costs.


Our customers rely on us to be a traffic light, to let them know the health of their bill of materials. IHS Markit is one of our top three strategic advantages to stay competitive. Essentially, we’re providing our customers an insurance policy. By understanding – very acutely – product lifecycle, we can collaborate with our customers on their products and design.

– Tiger Biletnikoff, Director of Supply Chain, IEC Electronics Corp

With the IHS Markit data, we can gain a true picture of the composition of the product from top to bottom, so we can instantly and confidently tell the import/export country and customers whether or not we comply. We reduced delivery time of compliance documentation about RoHS and REACH from weeks to less than 2 days. That’s an estimated 86 percent increase in efficiency.

– Kimara Chin, Data & Business System Manager, Trimble

A lot of companies ‘obsolete’ their way to profitability. We don’t do that… When a competitor obsoletes a part, customers can run into inventory shortages for that part. Our customers know that if they come to the TI site, they’ll find a cross.

– Mike Hastings, Director, Content Syndication, Texas Instruments

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