Implementation of Windchill across plants in AGI Glaspac

Business Impact:

New product development lead time reduced by almost 30%. In less than 3 weeks AGI
could make the concept a reality. Sales from New products grown significantly with increase in customers
satisfaction. As the hassle of releasing up to date drawings for manufacturing every time is taken away, Productivity increased from Design and development team.

The Challenge:

AGI started a new plant and the capacity almost doubled, obviously we needed to develop and market new products rapidly. With manual Enquiry process and release of drawings, the risk of delay and errors were very high, reworking of moulds re drawing samples were at a huge cost due to continuous process nature of Glass making , therefore we were looking to Automate enquiry and drive the entire product development cycle.

The Solution:

Windchill was a natural solution for us as we were already partners with PTC and Adroitec with Pro/E software for our CAD needs.


AGI implemented Windchill across plants. Enquiry process is automated and Marketing team can now generate enquiries from customers place and get online feedback and kick start product development and give approvals. Internal teams comprising Mould shop, Forming and quality get task to complete, with online access to latest drawings and 3D CAD data, practically scope of errors became zero

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