Alphacraft reduces tool design time by 35% using PTC Creo

How Alphacraft is using powerful PTC Creo Tool Design Solutions for design, development, manufacture and supply of Aluminium CastingsInitiatives and Results

Reduce new Tool Design Time

Initiative: To reduce tooling time in order to impove over all new product development time

Result: New tooling split time has been reduced by 30-35% using PTC Creo Tool Design Capabilities such as Shut
off,Extend curve and Fill Loops etc.

Data Modification and design Flexibility

Initiative: Need Flexibility in data editing and model simplyfication

Result: PTC Creo Flexibile modeling tools reduced our majar tasks such as model simplification and editing of imported data which improves our manufacturing time

Design Validation

Initiative:  To improve design validatation and enhance their product quality

Result: With intuitive and easy-to-use tools and options such as dynamic cut section,3D Thickness Analysis &  measurement tools improves design validation easier and faster

Improve design quality and reduce errors

Initiative: To reduce time spent on importing models and avoid errors during splitting

Result: Reduced errors and data loss significantly in PTC Creo during importing

 Customer Quote

Using PTC Creo Tooling Solutions, the time to design and Manufacturing reduced by 35%. PTC Creo tooling solutions helps us to meet our customer requirements with improved quality

– Mr M Ramesh,
Managing Director–Mr.Hrishikesh Athale Project Manager

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