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ANAND NVH reduces PRODUCT development time by 30% using PTC CREO

Anand NVH is using PTC Creo and TDO to Design and Manufacturing of Automotive components

Leverage existing Designs


Leverage existing Design and Tooling data to create new designs to respond to our customer on time.


Fully associative 3D to 2D with strong powerful engineering features with PTC CREO gives the accurate manufacturing drawings reducing errors and rework

Faster response to changes


Capture engineering changes of similar products and improve change management


With two way association nature of PTC Creo, Mfg. drawings are made/updated automatically. Drawing errors are reduced to great extent.

Minimize errors in Tool Design & improve Quality


To minimize design errors and improve design quality


PTC Creo highly integrated Core, Cavity & MoldBase development tools enabled in faster incorporation of design changes and eliminated tooling errors.

Standardizing the CAD platform


Consolidating with one standard, reliable, flexible CAD platform


Creo’s Unite technology makes it easy to work with CAD models created in other applications and saves considerable time

 Customer Quote

With Creo we have reduced product development time by approx. 30%. Creo Tool design capabilities helped us to improve tooling time significantly

Manish Kumar Sr. Engg

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