Arbotext Isodraw

Produce professional, CAD-linked illustrations fast employing a single, easy-to-use solution.

Speed the process of creating and updating high-quality technical illustrations and animations with Arbortext IsoDraw.
Illustrations can be produced using original 3D and 2D CAD data to optimize product and support information, such as assembly and disassembly instructions, parts catalogs, operator and service manuals, training documents.
Easily reuse valuable 2D and 3D data from CAD systems to deliver technical illustrations and intelligent graphics. Additionally, Arbortext IsoDraw gives the unique ability to maintain an associative link to real-time CAD data, which simplifies the updating of illustrations and animations when engineering designs change throughout a product’s lifecycle.


  • Enable concurrent development of product designs and technical publications with real-time illustrations.
  • Support one or many types of data, such as 2D, 3D, raster graphics, and animations, in a single document.
  • Enhance product performance to deliver a competitive advantage in your product information time-to-market by producing more illustrations in a shorter time.
  • Increase illustration productivity more than 30%–with no CAD knowledge required.
  • Prepare illustrations–automatically–for publishing in multiple delivery formats, including print, interactive and Web media to eliminate expensive, labor-intensive formatting tasks.
  • Quickly create 2D, 3D–or a mix of 2D and 3D–animations with the simple user interface to highlight illustration features or to animate procedures.
  • Generate complex gears with customized parameterization in just minutes. You can adapt grooves, gearwheels, shaft ends, and many other details within seconds.
  • Get access to over 2,200 views of standard parts and images, such as human hands and tools, either to convey a task or create your own unique parts.

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