How Lucid Imaging Private Limited is using PTC Creo to design and manufacture of vision components such as Area Scan Cameras, Line Scan Cameras, board cameras, Frame grabbers, Interface cables, Optics, illumination accessories and software tools. Accelerate product development time Initiative: To accelerate  product design & development and bring  more Innovation to stand out from […]

Web Schedule March 2019

Webinar Demo Sessions Date Day Time Topic Duration 1 13.03.19 Wednesday 15:00 Mechanical drafting using IC Draft 45 2 19.03.19 Tuesday 15:00 Augmented reality using Creo 45 3 27.03.19 Wednesday 15:00 Real time design Validation using Creo 45 Webinar Training Sessions Date Day Time Topic Duration 1 13.03.19 Wednesday 11:00 Understand Drawing templates […]


3D CAD Modeling competition on PTC Creo 3.0 named as CAD WAR as held an MIT ADT University, Pune in their annual state-level Event known as Persona Fest on 16,17 Feb – 19 which was sponsored by Adroitec. Total of 90 students attended out of which 3 students from different college Win the competition.  Price […]

Vodafone chooses PTC’s Thingworx platform for IoT app development

PTC announced its ThingWorx application enablement platform has been chosen by Vodafone for “internet of things” application development. PTC noted the initial agreement covers the development of solutions designed for the IoT market. Vodafone offers end-to-end IoT capabilities targeting a number of industries including automotive, insurance and manufacturing. PTC is involved in IoT use cases with its integrated application platform […]

Complete CFD solution for product designers and analysts

With Creo Flow Analysis Extension (FAE), an extension to Creo Parametric, puts CFD in the hands of every engineer. As products become more complex and timelines shorten, you need a CFD solution that allows you to analyze liquid and gas flow early in your design process. With Creo FAE, you can reduce expensive hardware testing and […]

Generate Revenue faster and more efficiently with Augmented Reality

  Grind Master provides Specialized Machinery – with Turnkey Solutions for achieving specific Quality and Productivity results using MODULAR TECHNOLOGY ELEMENTS. It is this approach of delivering TOTAL Solution including Machine, Tools, Support, Process Knowhow that enables us to add value to the manufacturing operations of our customers. Grind Master leveraged Vuforia Studio to build […]

Technology Training on Creo Parametric at NITTTR

Adroitec conducted the technology training on the fundamentals of Creo Parametric and contributed to improving the design skill of teachers at NITTTR, Bangalore from 25th Feb 2019 to 1st Mar 2019. The trainees were benefit ted by the approach of the technical insights and had a detailed interaction with the specialist from Adroitec

Web Schedule February 2019

Webinar Training Sessions Sl. No Date Day Time Topic Duration 1 27.02.19 Wednesday 15:00 Design Validation using Multi physics 45 2 06.03.19 Wednesday 15:00 3D product design using IronCAD 45 3 13.03.19 Wednesday 15:00 Mechanical drafting using IC Draft 45 4 19.03.19 Tuesday 15:00 Augmented reality using Creo 45 5 27.03.19 Wednesday 15:00 Real time […]

Technology Training on Primavera P6 Professionals

Adroitec conducts the technology training on Oracle Primavera for the students of Vasavi College of Engineering. Students were enthusiastic and the sessions went well in an interactive manner by taking the real-time examples. Thirty-seven students were trained by two of the Adroitec’s trainers with an objective to enable students to gain sufficient knowledge of the […]

Disrupting Reality: Taking Virtual & Augmented Reality to the Enterprise

From touchscreen encounters to “real-world, real-life” immersive experiences, virtual and augmented reality signal a new way of working, communicating and collaborating across the enterprise.     Executive Summary Ready Player One, an upcoming Steven Spielberg movie, is set in a dystopian future where people spend most of their days inside a globally networked virtual universe, […]

Create high speed machining sequences using MMX

  With Creo Mold Machining Extension (MMX), an extension to Creo Parametric, gives you specialised 3-axis, numerically controlled (NC) machining capabilities, all in the Creo Environment. Creo MMX is powered by ModuleWorks and optimized for mold, die, electrode and prototype machining. Benefits: Improves product quality and manufacturing consistency by generating tool paths directly on solid models. […]

Adroitec’s recognition as “Most Pro-active Customer Engagement”

  Adroitec Engineering Solutions were awarded by IronCAD for excellent engagement with the customers. This is a testament for our way of working to the technology that is given should be used to its complete extent. We thank IronCAD for the recognition and also thank our customers to achieve this recognition and looking forward to […]

Utilise your data more efficiently

ThingWorx Navigate enables stakeholders throughout the organization to easily access the rich data stored within the organization’s enterprise system – no training required. With out-of-the-box (OOTB) role and task-based apps that provide contextualized information as well as the ability to easily customize apps to meet organizational needs, ThingWorx Navigate helps users spend less time searching […]

SYRMA- BOM Comparison Tool-zero BOM error

BOM Comparison Tool Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services TO DEVELOP PRODUCTS AS PER REQUIREMENT: Initiative: To develop a product as per BOM with specified MPN and manufacturers. Result: This tool helps to produce the product as per requirement by eliminating the errors in wrong product selection from our existing ERP (Microsoft Dynamics) TO  REDUCE BOM […]