Complete CFD solution for product designers and analysts

With Creo Flow Analysis Extension (FAE), an extension to Creo Parametric, puts CFD in the hands of every engineer. As products become more complex and timelines shorten, you need a CFD solution that allows you to analyze liquid and gas flow early in your design process. With Creo FAE, you can reduce expensive hardware testing and gain unique insight into your products.


  • Part of PTC’s portfolio of simulation products designed to fit the needs of engineers
  • Integrated CAD and CFD with full associativity
  • Easy model creation: One-step creation of solid and fluid domains; automatic creation of high-efficiency, high-quality mesh that maintains shape and aspect ratio; comprehensive physics
  • Faster turnaround: proprietary algorithm speeds run-time and convergence on multi cores
  • Scalable: three levels of capabilities for users ranging from engineer to analyst.Parts of an integral CAD/CAM solution – no data translation required.
    • Reduces time to market via associative tool path updates to design changes.

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