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Adroitec Engineering Solutions have engaged students at KL University on a 3 day training program on “PROJECT MANAGEMENT USING PRIMAVERA 6”. Feedback received from the training program was encouraging and they look forward to engage Adroitec in many such initiatives.


Primavera 6 deals with project management in all major industry domains like civil, mechanical and electrical. Professionals who are knowledgeable in project management skills and techniques can use Primavera to promote agility and productivity in organizations.
3 day Training program covered:
• Learn to manage multiple projects successfully
• Apply industry best practices in project management
• Fully appreciate the tools and techniques of Oracle Primavera
• Plan, control, and organize project activities
• Execute the project within time and budget constraints
• Assign roles and responsibilities and allocate resources
• Create relationships between tasks and work out project schedules
• Create reports that need to be shared with relevant people

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