Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX)

BMX is the ultimate in feature based parametric modeling through which you create features that ensure changes to geometry and update the rest of your model.

  • Datum Analysis Featureperforms calculations and measurements on your model and then generates parameters and other datum features. For example, you can create a parameter for the model’s mass and locate a coordinate system at the center of gravity.
  • User-Defined Analysescan incorporate construction features to perform a custom calculation over a domain.
  • Excel Analysislinks your models to Excel spreadsheets and Prime Analysis links your models to PTC Mathcad Worksheets to drive your model from engineering calculations.
  • Feasibility Studiesiterates model dimensions you select within specified limits to find a solution that meets the constraints you specify.
  • Drive your model to the interior volume you desire.
  • Locate the center of gravity where your model will be most stable.
  • Specify the desired surface characteristics such as dihedral angle (for tangency), Gaussian curvature (for aesthetics), or radius (for ability to thicken).
  • Optimization Studiesfind the best possible solution for a feasibility study by maximizing or minimizing some measured parameter (such as mass).
  • Multi-Objective Design Studiesallow you to generate experiments for conflicting design constraints, and then pare down the results to find solutions that meet the right balance.
  • With BMX, build your design intent directly into your model. In fact, BMX is the ultimate in feature-based parametric modeling, because you create features in the model, that ensure changes to geometry, that will update the rest of your model so you meet your design constraints and goals.

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