Creo Simulation live- Real time feedback as you design

Creo Simulation Live is the integration of ANSYS technology into Creo. The solution provides real-time analysis results for static structural, thermal and modal (vibration) simulation. An additional extension will provide fluid flow simulation capabilities.

What does the Creo Simulation Live provide?
Rapid analysis setup and instantaneous results for:

Static Structural Analysis

Used to determine the structural integrity of components subject to real-world constraints and constant loading conditions

Thermal Analysis

Used to analyzes the affects of intense heat or cold leverages real world constraints and loading conditions


Modal Analysis

Evaluate and solve for natural frequency

Creo Simulation Live allows engineers ….

Make rapid design and development decisions

Identify and resolve design flaws early in the process when the cost and effort to implement change is low
Use analysis-led design to validate and optimize design integrity, function, performance and cost
Eliminate reliance on prototypes and late stage information

Mitigate risk of product failure, warranty and liability

Creo Simulation Live removes the barriers between CAD and CAE creating a unified modeling and simulation environment

Creo Simulation Live Delivers:

  • Ease of use
  • Common Data Model
  • Powerful Linear Analysis
  • Instantaneous Results and Feedback

Creo Simulation Live allows users to define and run simulations after a few basic parameters are defined

Common,consistent Creo UI Context sensitive menus,

RMB command access,

Simplified workflows

Engineering terminology

Rapidly analysis setup and simulation
(i.e., loads, constraints)


Simulations begin after a few basic parameters are defined Create and run simulation in minutes A single unified environment for design and analysis

ANSYS Discovery Simulation engine embedded “natively” within Creo Parametric 48 years of engineering simulation expertise

Unified design and analysis environment

Powerful parametric and direct editing

30 years of CAD modeling expertise

Analysis results update in real-time as engineers makes changes to model geometry and properties.


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