Creo View- Share 3D CAD Internally & Externally

Creo View lets users share 3D CAD information internally and with partners and suppliers outside the organization. No need for either the software that created the data or specialized CAD skills. Creo View supports drawings and documents from a multitude of sources. With Creo View, you’re on the way to faster and higher quality design reviews, improved collaboration, and better products at lower cost.Creo View’s open, scalable architecture satisfies the pressing needs voiced across the product development landscape, from small consumer goods developers to massive product constructions in aerospace & shipbuilding.

Creo View MCAD is a universal viewer that brings 3D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawings, images and documents to everyone’s desktop for comprehensive interrogation and visual collaboration–all without the need for native authoring applications.

Key benefits:

  • Accelerate the Design process by its powerful & simple viewer. Supports a wide variety of 3D model, 2D drawing and Image source formats – CADDS5, CATIA V4, NX, I-DEAS, Solid works, Micro station (DGN), Autodesk Inventor.
  • Visually integrate ECAD & MCAD information within the same user experience.
  • Encompasses metadata and annotations to provide immediate reference information to the user.
  • Easily create smart exploded product views.
  • Full set of mark-up tools for 3D models, 2D drawings, images and documents.

Built upon the production-proven InterComm Expert technology, PTC Creo View ECAD is a high-performance solution that enables visualization, analysis and design verification of schematic and PCB CAD electronic design content. This solution can help electronics and high-tech companies quickly identify and resolve electronic design data issues early in the product development cycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce development time and cost by reducing overall design cycle time.
  • Integrate ECAD & MCAD visual collaboration.
  • Enable visualization of ECAD digital data within PTC Windchill, PDM Link and PTC Windchill Project Link.

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