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Development of IETM for Data Patterns

Adroitec is developing IETM for Data Patterns (India) Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leader in indigenously developed electronic systems in the Defence and Aerospace domain. Interactive Electronic Technical Manual(IETM) is a Technical digital manual that is built to suit a specific electronic medium, like PDF,HTML, E – Book etc. With its dynamic team of Technical Illustrators combined with High end,high tech-pub tools, Adriotec is working to bring Modern ways to Indian Manufacturing industry.

Then IETM deals with the complete manual of high capacity radio relays, the Manual contains the technical information, Maintenance manual, overhauling and reconditioning information, the parts catalogue of the HCRR, it also comprise of user hand book for the HCRR.

With IETM,all data can be accessed by End users with utmost ease.And by using built-in Dynamic search,information can also be queried whenever needed.


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