Digital Transformation in Automotive Sector – APQP

Digital Transformation in Automotive Sector – APQP

Business Challenges 
  • Manage changes related to OEM’s NPD plan
  • Specification & Design
  • Quality Plan & Deliverables
  • Regulation
  • Validations & Review by OEM
  • Management of certification
  • Conformance to OEM specific quality standards
  • Conformance to several International quality Standards


APQP Initiative
  • Provide current project data and real time visibility into performance metrics and project status to all members and executive sponsors
  • Accelerate bench-marking opportunities, best practice leveraging and project execution by providing common virtual workspaces for both internal cross-functional team members and external constituents (suppliers, partners, customers)
  • Increase the number of projects completed by providing all the necessary tools to execute, including a repeatable customer defined APQP template, which maps and automates the organization’s specific process
  • Self-service project management, enabling users to track milestones, activities, tasks, deliverable, and resources across all phases of the APQP process


PTC Windchill Projectlink  is another type of container in Windchill and is mostly managed in the same way Project is another type of container in Windchill and is mostly managed in the same way .However projects can be deleted. They have different states (Defined, Running, Suspended…). Projects have a plan with various objects that are used to define and track the progress of the project

  • Central repository for all project-related information
  • Lightweight visualization and mark-up of information from various CAD authoring tools
  • Streamlined process management and document approval routings through automated workflow
  • Change visibility through subscription and notification
  • Discussion Forums
  • Online Collaboration Meetings.

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