Electromagnetics : Realize Your Product Promise

ANSYS electronics solutions help you design innovative electrical and electronic products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Our industry leading electromagnetic field, circuit, systems and multiphysics simulation software fully automates the design process so you can better understand how your products behave. You can quickly optimize your design using simulation instead of wasting time building and testing costly prototypes. So whether it’s a computer chip, a circuit board, a cell phone, an electronic component in an automobile or an entire communications system, ANSYS software can help you design better products.

Realize Your Product Promise

Hundreds of devices that we use every day — from computers, automobiles, mobile communication devices and wireless networks to the electrical grid — depend on advanced electromagnetic equipment. Optimizing the performance of these complex designs requires accurate modeling of electromagnetic fields, circuit details and system validation.

Engineering simulation software — which enables product development and optimization in a virtual environment — has revolutionized electronics design. R&D teams define device architecture, verify specifications for functional blocks, design circuits and components, evaluate component- and system-level interactions, and optimize circuit or system performance under actual operating conditions.

No matter the discipline or industry, you can readily put these numerical tools to work to virtually optimize electrical performance and component interactions, sometimes with minimal investment in physical testing.

When you leverage this power, you have the opportunity to slash the time and costs traditionally associated with designing sophisticated electrical devices.

Consumers demand features that make electromagnetics design more complex. As a result, the opportunity to differentiate in the marketplace has been never been so pronounced. At the same time, the downside risk of product failure and its consequences can be catastrophic.

ANSYS: Powered by Technology Leadership

ANSYS advanced simulation technologies create a high level of confidence that the complex devices you design will perform reliably under real-world conditions, enabling you to fulfill your critical product promise to customers.

With proven industry-standard electromagnetic field solvers such as ANSYS HFSS,® we have emerged as the clear industry leader in electromagnetics simulation, with unmatched technology depth and breadth. Spanning the full spectrum of electromagnetic analysis and design, our tools enable companies to leverage best-in-class technology to confidently predict device behavior, dramatically reduce prototype and physical testing costs, and launch innovative, competitive products faster.

No other software provider offers the broad, overarching perspective on device performance that is made possible by the comprehensive

ANSYS simulation suite. From component design and baseline physics analysis to system integration and optimization, this is the ANSYS promise: to offer robust, industry-leading capabilities — so you can realize your performance promise of a wide range of low- and high-frequency/high-speed and electromechanical devices.

Signaling a New Era in Product Integrity

ANSYS helps you deliver on your product promise — by ensuring optimal power and signal integrity.

For high-speed digital devices, there are few issues more critical than achieving consistent power and signal integrity and avoiding EMI.

Realizing uncompromised signal fidelity requires detailed design of component, circuit and system levels in addition to gigabit-speed interconnections for chip-to-chip, package-to-board or board-to-board communications.
At the same time, delivering a high level of power integrity requires innovative product design that eliminates electronic power fluctuations within the PCB or device.

Ensuring signal fidelity at state-of-the-art GHz or Gb/s speeds requires a new generation of design strategies along with tools that accurately characterize signal transmission. Thirty years ago, signal integrity was not so great a design challenge, but data rates in today’s products have higher speeds, requiring greater bandwidth, while product size is decreasing. All of this contributes to SI complexity.

When a high-frequency signal travels between its source and termination, it can resonate and emit electromagnetic energy that interferes with other components in the product — as well as other products that happen to be in the area.

Simulation software from ANSYS empowers you to analyze power and signal integrity as well as EMI early in the design cycle, when the change process is most efficient and cost effective. With our broad range of high-frequency and signal integrity tools, your engineers can identify performance issues such as ringing, crosstalk, ground bounce and power supply noise.

We have strengthened our position as a technology pioneer with the integration of advanced low-power electromagnetic simulation technologies from Apache Design Solutions, Inc.

These tools are critical for designing a range of portable electronics — including smartphones, tablets and laptops — with complex power issues due to their video, GPS, recording and conferencing features that are supported by lightweight, energy-efficient batteries.

Our technology can handle the complexity of modern interconnect design from die to die across ICs, packages, connectors and boards. By leveraging advanced electromagnetic field simulators dynamically linked to powerful circuit and system simulation, engineers can understand the performance of high-speed electronic products long before building a prototype in hardware.

Architectural firm Takenaka Corporation develops wireless power supply systems that are embedded in the walls and floors of buildings. In designing the circuit for this system, the company coupled several ANSYS tools to determine capacitance between electrodes, to create the inductor design, and to analyze the electromagnetic radiation characteristic.

By incorporating on-chip power integrity analysis from Apache, our software delivers the capability to simulate and analyze power integrity at the chip, board and package levels. We provide the full range of capabilities needed to balance high-energy outputs with extreme energy efficiency via analysis at both the component and system levels.

ANSYS: A Transmitter for Innovation

Signal and power integrity are essential to consistent performance of a wide range of digital and electronic products. No matter the industry, engineers are using ANSYS tools to take this central product competency to new levels of reliability and innovation via early-stage engineering simulation.

For example, designers of high-speed and fast-switching circuits rely on ANSYS for the parametric data and time-domain circuit models they need to verify and tune package performance — before costly final assembly occurs.

ANSYS software helps integrated circuit engineers meet growing market demands for lower cost, lighter weight and longer battery life by supporting the functional integration of disparate circuit components. We also help product developers bring to market new mixed-signal designs that incorporate embedded high-performance analog blocks with complex digital circuitry on a single chip.

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