Expert Global improves Business outcomes with PTC Arbortext ISODraw

How Expert Global is using PTC Abrortext Isodraw for providing Technical publications services in creating part/service manuals & training documents

Initiatives and Results
Resource Optimization

Initiative: Optimize the resource utilization process by digital documentation & effective communication.

Result: Isodraw helped customers to digitally document the manufacturing process and thus utilizing resource optimally.

Incorporate Engineering data

Initiative: Integrating 3D & 2D CAD data for creation of Technical publications/ catalogs.

Result: Isodraw not only allow inserting engineering CAD data but also provide output in HLR images/3D PDF

Regional Market Needs

Initiative:  Need ability to cater expanding technical publications/ catalogs vertical and meet our customer demands.

Result: PTC Arbortext Isodraw had provided platform to secure us a position for first choice to our customers for technical publications.

Automate Illustration design 

Initiative: Completely close conventional manual Illustration design process and automate it.

Result: PTC Arbortext Isodraw provided capability to automate & update Illustrations simultaneously.

 Customer Quote

As a leader in Engineering Solution provider since 25 years our customers expected us to provide them solution on technical publication & Illustrations also.. PTC Arbortext solutions have given us a platform to be a first choice for customers for creation & automation of technical publications & Illustration documents.This helped us to increase our business outcomes and maintain our leadership in this vertical also..”


–Mr.Hrishikesh Athale Project Manager

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