Expert Global Increased Design Efficiency with PTC Creo


How Expert Global is using PTC Creo Solutions for giving engineering services in NPD,Application, sustenance & Manufacturing engineering

Initiatives and Results
Improve Collaboration

Initiative: Improve collaboration with overseas customer and within department.

Result: PTC Creo Unite technology had provided seamless collaboration with overseas customers & with in departments.


Initiative: As an engineering services industry , always there is a need for new  ideas which are efficient & cost effective.

Result: With PTC Creo our engineering design & service had become more innovative.

Response Time 

Initiative:  Faster response to customer as per the requirements.

Result: We have increased our design efficiency.Windchill helps us to re-use data by effective searching of history.

Leading the Market 

Initiative: Lead and Maintain industry leadership in this segment.

Result: Our designs & engineering solutions are till date the best in the industry.

 Customer Quote

“Biggest challenge in our segment is to provide highly competitive & timely solutions to our customers. PTC Creo solutions had helped us to create design & give technical solutions which are globally competitive and exceed customer requirements…”

–Mr.Hrishikesh Athale Project Manager



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