Generate Revenue faster and more efficiently with Augmented Reality


Grind Master provides Specialized Machinery – with Turnkey Solutions for achieving specific Quality and Productivity results using MODULAR TECHNOLOGY ELEMENTS. It is this approach of delivering TOTAL Solution including Machine, Tools, Support, Process Knowhow that enables us to add value to the manufacturing operations of our customers.

Grind Master leveraged Vuforia Studio to build life-size and immersive product demonstrations to facilitate customer review and approval processes.

By giving their customers and prospects the opportunity to virtually experience different configuration options, features and capabilities, Grind Master was able to accelerate their sales cycle and gain a competitive advantage.

“With Vuforia Studio we have an opportunity for providing our customers with a true Digital Experience of our product & service. I have personally seen a really thrilled customer at receiving a Design Approval Package in form of AR. This adds value to our product offering.”

  • Sameer Kelkar, CEO & R&D head, Grind Master Machines Pvt ltd

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