Goldfire: Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

Accelerate productivity and innovation of your engineering team

What if you could give your engineers back 1/3 of their time – speeding research, problem solving and ideation?

The ability to optimize efficiencies and continuously fuel product pipelines with new and differentiated products is critical to an organization’s success.

IHS Goldfire is a powerful Engineering Excellence Platform that helps engineers and other technical professionals achieve sustainable productivity improvements, solve problems better and faster, and out-innovate competition.

IHS Goldfire empowers faster and more informed decision-making by improving knowledge discovery, accelerating problem solving and idea generation and delivering insights into the competitive landscape, emerging technologies and market needs.

  • Decrease product development cycle time
  • Increase the innovation pipeline
  • Accelerate market share and competitive position
  • Drive top-line margin expansion, and
  • Increase productivity gains

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