“Hero Cycles Limited helps to manage complete ECBOM and Improve Design Quality thru PTC Windchill “


Initiatives and Results

Improve Design Quality


Complete control of design release and revision management.


Enabling model check Gatekeeper helped to maintain correct designs as per company standards and norms

Improve internal collaboration


Seamless collaboration between Design team & other units data connectivity.Enhanced Collaboration


Sharing data between design with different locations and vendors is easier using Windchill

Manage complete EBOM in single platform


Manage the entire design data and EBOM in a single repository. All future changes to be managed through controlled change management process.


Product development activity is significantly streamlined facilitating with complete control on the EBOM.

Eliminated Re-works


Faster searching of data and enable re-use for current projects. Eliminate duplicate data in multiple projects


Re-works due to referring wrong drawing version was completely eliminated. Entire design & related data in one location for easy search & retrieval.


 Customer Quote

“Using PTC Windchill , we now have better control on the design information and collaboration with extended team.We now have improved work flexibility & significant improvement in entire Product development Process.

–                                 Mr. Prabhat Soni,

                                  Sr. Manager R&D

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