How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction through Quality Management

How to achieve customer satisfaction through Quality Management

In this fierce competitive manufacturing environment, it has become crucial to strive hard in order to differentiate on customer experience. Hence quality has become the top priority of best-in-class companies to achieve that customer satisfaction and outdo their competition.

Here are some facts that highlight the importance of quality as adopted by best-in-class company

  • The best in class companies spend 60% more on defect prevention
  • 91% of the best in class companies believe that quality strategy is the top priority of the senior management
  • Best-in-Class companies standardize the processes for managing quality across the enterprise.
To find out the right solution that will enable you to
  • To achieve customer satisfaction through effective quality management
  • To identify actual field failures and their impact on the safety of the environment
  • To Effectively audit products and comply with ISO Standards

How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction through Quality Management from Kumarsamyraja K R


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