INCITE CAM CENTRE improves design lead time by 30%







Initiative: To reduce  Design lead time for their new product developments

Result: With PTC Creo’s intuitive and easy-to-use tools , design time has been reduced approx. by 30%,

Standardization of our custom components 

Initiative: To standardize the our reqular components for future reuse and save time

Result: Handling and effectively managing of customized components using PTC Creo Family table capabilities

Minimize design  Errors 

Initiative:  To reduce design errors and improve product quality

Result: Design quality and reduced manual errors with Automatic Notification & regeneration

Improve MFG Drawing creation  

Initiative: To improve detailing time for mfg drawing creation

Result: Drawings and complete BOM generation are made faster using PTC Creo Detailing .Hence detailing for MFG has been improved significantly

 Customer Quote

In current competition scenario, completing projects and meeting deadlines is one of our main challenge…. With PTC Creo more powerful Design capabilities, our design lead time reduced by 30% approx and there by able to increase our no. of projects.

– Mrs Radhika Shetty CEO

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