IronCAD’s expands CAD Productivity

We’re excited to announce latest release of IronCAD 2018 Product Update #1.This update extends powerful functionality added in 2018 in addition to many usability improvements to increase design productivity in your design process.

The 3D CAD platform of choice among metal fabricators and custom machinery equipment manufacturers, IronCAD’s 2018 Product Update #1 adds features specifically designed to increase detailer productivity by streamlining the steps needed to move 3D designs into the 2D production drawings.

Since collaborative design workflows are critical for fabricators and machinery manufactures, IronCAD 2018 Product Update #1 also imports and exports to the latest native CAD formats, supporting collaboration between design groups that use different systems.

Key features of Product Update #1 including enhanced game-changing bulk drawing feature and a dramatically improved shrink wrap modeling simplification utility for more secure, more inclusive file sharing to support active collaboration.With the new process improvements for the bulk drawing creation, parts and assemblies can now be selected and can store predefined templates that automatically populate the bulk creation process. This stored information can be used in conjunction with IronCAD’s powerful Catalogs of pre-made designs, speeding up the reuse of existing designs and saving countless hours that might otherwise be spent preparing designs for detailing.

Product Update #1’s shrink wrap enhancements include more advance preparation options for packaging up designs and reducing outputted data such as shell representations of designs, supporting secure file sharing options for diverse use cases.

Continuing IronCAD’s reputation as the easiest-to-learn 3D CAD platform on the market, Product Update #1 also includes usability improvements such as:

Quick feature creation from existing geometry by simply pushing and pulling on face handles to create positive and negative shapes.

Streamlined interface that improves access and navigation to many common commands.

Simple reconnection tools that support IronCAD’s intelligent attachment capabilities making it easy to relocate connected elements.

For a full list of IronCAD 2018 Product Update #1’s new features, visit

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