Polymetall reduced design and manufacturing time by 20% using PTC Creo

How Polymetall  is using PTC Creo for new Product Development

Initiatives and Results
Accurate Costing

Initiative: To visualize the end product , planning the design and manufacturing for reducing the scrap and rework

Result: Improved 3D product visualization and calculation of the mass properties more accurately which improves our costing accuracy.



Manufacturing process time

Initiative: To improve new product & manufacturing process time

Result: With intuitive & easy to use PTC Creo Interface ,New product and manufacturing process time is reduced by 20%.



Manufacturing Documentation

Initiative:  To create accurate and associative manufacturing  drawings

Result: With PTC Creo Associated drawing creation simplifies the 2d detailing task to the greater extent



 Product Quality and customer satisfaction

Initiative: To improve customer satisfaction with an improved quality

Result: With help of PTC Creo,Product quality is improved significantly there by improved customer satisfaction



 Customer Quote

To remain competitive , Polymetall took initiative to improve their manufacturing process time and improve product quality… Using PTC Creo ,the manufacturing process time is reduced by 15% – 20%



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