PTC Academic IoT for Institutions & Universities

The PTC Academic Program provides the tools to deliver a modern product development education with industry-standard design and collaboration software used by the world’s leading companies.

As the demand for IoT skills is becoming higher, we are more committed to supporting institutions which educate the next generation of engineers and innovators.  Thingworx IoT leverages the industry-ready ThingWorx Platform to prepare your students for tomorrow’s challenges .

Thingworx IoT Benefits:

Combines technology, interactive online courses and hands-on learning to engage students in the Internet of Things.

  • Student expectations of how they learn and acquire knowledge has changed
  • At the same time educators in technology subjects are under increasing pressure to remain up to date with the latest technology trends, meet research demands, increase enrollment all resulting in reduced  class/contact time with students.
  • The online training and e-Learning provided via the TWX EEX addresses these problems.

Technical Excellence programs for Universities & Institutions:

IoT is one of the most revolutionary technology trends of this lifetime. Companies are building smart connected products/operations amending their strategies to implement IoT into their business. This has created a need to hire students with IoT skills to remain competitive. It has been estimated 2 million IT and Communication jobs will be unfulfilled in the next ten years due to skill gap and increasing demand in the IoT segment.

Few  technical excellence programs by Adroitec have been listed below.

  • Student Internships
  • Academic projects
  • Industry exposed lectures
  • Hands-on Workshops

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