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The Creo Product Insight Extension allows you to take advantage of the IoT and replace design assumptions with facts. It’s the power of connection. You can collect real-world product data, from a test bed or the field, and then bring it back into your CAD model. The result, You can then use, refine, and analyze that information to make better and smarter design decisions. And get to market faster.

With the Creo Product Insight Extension you can design digital sensors as an integral part of you CAD model. You can then connect them, via PTC’s ThingWorx, to data from physical sensors. Now you’ve got access to real-world usage and performance data right in your CAD model.
How is your product performing? With Creo Product Insight, you’ll know.
Key benefits
• Validate design requirements by replacing assumptions with real world data
• Decrease reliance on physical prototyping
• Ensure new product designs provide the necessary data streams
• More efficiently analyze and apply multiple streams of performance data from instrumented prototypes, test equipment, and products deployed in the field
• Identify business opportunities for new products, features, or service extensions
• Improve the quality of current and next-generation products by identifying and correcting design flaws

• Design digital sensors in the CAD model and connect them to data streams from physical products
• Optimize sensor placement and usage to capture critical data
• Integration with ThingWorx, the world’s leading industrial IoT platform
• Create virtual sensors that produce new data calculated using real-world product inputs

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