PTC Creo customized tools reduces time & effort for Legacy Data cleansing

How Minda Corporation is using PTC Creo ModelCHECK  Solution for Legacy Data Migration


Initiatives and Results

Windchill Adoption

Initiative: Improve Windchill adoption by making legacy data available in Windchill in short time.

Result: 70 – 80% improvement in Legacy Design Standardization time.


Eliminate Errors

Initiative: Eliminate errors in terms of manual based filling attributes and information to 3D Models

Result: With PTC Creo Model  Check, resolving Model issues,  resolving drawing errors, Attribute Addition, etc. happens with a single action.

Reduce Time for Legacy Data Cleaning

Initiative: Reduce time for Legacy data cleaning  and faster loading of data to Windchill.

Result: PTC Creo customized tools has saved approximately 85% time…..


 Customer Quote

Moving to Windchill , our biggest challenge was to manually clean huge legacy data and eliminate errors. Required a tool to reduce time….

PTC Creo ModelCHECK capabilities helped us to Standardize more designs in less time. We have saved approximately 85% time…


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