White Paper- Why You Should Update Your 3D CAD Software

It’s time to reevaluate your 3D CAD systems. From augmented reality (AR) functionality that provides another dimension to the digital experience to sophisticated generative functions that automate the design of complex shapes, the latest CAD platforms are packed with enough promise to entice even the most vociferous holdouts. If you haven’t upgraded, here’s what you’re […]

AR With Vuforia

Vuforia enables industrial enterprises to create and deliver easily consumable work instructions, procedural guidance, hands-on training and remote assistance that transform the way they do business. The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite consists of four augmented reality solutions that are highly usable, easy to adopt, and deliver fast time to value.   Over half a million […]

Disrupting Reality: Taking Virtual & Augmented Reality to the Enterprise

From touchscreen encounters to “real-world, real-life” immersive experiences, virtual and augmented reality signal a new way of working, communicating and collaborating across the enterprise.     Executive Summary Ready Player One, an upcoming Steven Spielberg movie, is set in a dystopian future where people spend most of their days inside a globally networked virtual universe, […]

PTC Creo Augmented Reality

  Using Augmented Reality you can make your design come to you. Picture an immersive design review where you could experience your product at scale, one,where single click summoned a 3D representation of your product. Then you explain your ideas to others more easily and find issues- or opportunities- earlier in the design process. And go on to share your design with anyone in the world. Augmented Reality (AR) , is engaging , immersive and simple. PTC  has integrated Creo with Vuforia , their  world-leading AR platform , so you can author and publish an AR experience right from Creo with a few Clicks. No Programming Skills needed. For more detail click here  

Augment Your Product Design Reality

With Creo 4.0*, you can turn your digital design into physical reality. The key is Augmented Reality (AR). Picture an immersive design review where you could experience your design in the real world, one where a single click summoned a 3D representation of your product. We’ve integrated Creo with ThingWorx Studio, our world-Leading AR platform. […]

White paper on ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio ThingWorx Studio, along with ThingWorx View, delivers a graphically rich user experience where information is superimposed over a physical product through one, universal browser application. Through the use of these AR development and delivery tools, what was once a world of simple applications shifts towards full product experiences that enable end users in any industry, to better […]