Bellis hardware reduces Product Development time by 10% using PTC CREO

Time to Market Initiative: Minimizing the time to market by decreasing the design cycle Results: Fully associative 3D to 2D with strong powerful engineering features with PTC CREO gives the accurate manufacturing drawings reducing errors and rework Faster response to change Initiative: Capture engineering changes of similar products and improve change management Results: With two […]

Advantek Pvt Ltd reduces Product Development Time by 10% USING PTC CREO

To develop New Products in lesser time Initiative: Need to develop new products & variants in lesser time Result: Fully associative 3D to 2D with strong powerful engineering features with PTC creo gives the accurate manufacturing drawings reducing errors and rework   Faster response to changes Initiative: Capture engineering changes of similar products and improve change management Result: With two way […]

“Hero Cycles Limited helps to manage complete ECBOM and Improve Design Quality thru PTC Windchill “

  Initiatives and Results Improve Design Quality Initiative: Complete control of design release and revision management. Result: Enabling model check Gatekeeper helped to maintain correct designs as per company standards and norms Improve internal collaboration Initiative: Seamless collaboration between Design team & other units data connectivity.Enhanced Collaboration Result: Sharing data between design with different locations and […]

Lakshmi Life Sciences Limited Customer Story

          Lakshmi Life Sciences Limited (LLS), has been serving the industry for more than a decade under different names such as LTE, Quattro InfoTech.LLS is an associate Company of Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd (LMW), a leading Textile Machinery Manufacturer in India. LLS has a fully integrated plant having state-of-art ‘Injection Moulding’ […]

Implementation of Windchill across plants in AGI Glaspac

Business Impact: New product development lead time reduced by almost 30%. In less than 3 weeks AGI could make the concept a reality. Sales from New products grown significantly with increase in customers satisfaction. As the hassle of releasing up to date drawings for manufacturing every time is taken away, Productivity increased from Design and […]

RAAW: A New Take on the Mountain Bike

German language magazine, Prime Mountain Bike, recently published a story about the RAAW Madonna, an aluminum-frame enduro bike, meant to perform on rugged terrain.

Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading appliance manufacturer, continues to lead the market as they improve their ability to collaborate across their global brands.

Premium Transmission Ltd – Customer story

Reduce Design Time Ensure new products are designed in the least possible time Quality Standards Quickly create 100% error free manufacturing drawings Customer Satisfaction Respond to customer requirements faster Reduce Costs Easily perform design validation before prototyping and 3D print prototypes

INCITE CAM CENTRE improves design lead time by 30%

            Initiative: To reduce  Design lead time for their new product developments Result: With PTC Creo’s intuitive and easy-to-use tools , design time has been reduced approx. by 30%, Standardization of our custom components  Initiative: To standardize the our reqular components for future reuse and save time Result: Handling and effectively managing of […]

C&S Electric reduces development time by 20-30% using PTC CREO Mechanism Dynamics

How C&S Electric is using 3D modeling, Assembly design & Mechanism Dynamics for meeting excellence in Circuit Breaker Design & Development  Optimization in Cost Initiative: Reduce new product development cost of physical prototypes Result: With fewer changes in product design, prototyping cost including re-works and scrap has greatly reduced Reduction in Development Time Initiative: Detect […]

Alphacraft reduces tool design time by 35% using PTC Creo

How Alphacraft is using powerful PTC Creo Tool Design Solutions for design, development, manufacture and supply of Aluminium CastingsInitiatives and Results Reduce new Tool Design Time Initiative: To reduce tooling time in order to impove over all new product development time Result: New tooling split time has been reduced by 30-35% using PTC Creo Tool Design Capabilities such as Shut […]