Workshop on Thingworx IoT & Vuforia AR @Crescent Institute of Science and Technology

An exclusive faculty workshop on Thingworx IoT & Vuforia AR happened on 08.01.2020 at Adroitec Chennai Office. Faculties from B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology who are working in IoT domain has participated.The workshop started by 10:30AM and the Introductory session on Thingworx IoT was taken by Mr.Arun Raj. Continued by that, a […]


The Creo Product Insight Extension allows you to take advantage of the IoT and replace design assumptions with facts. It’s the power of connection. You can collect real-world product data, from a test bed or the field, and then bring it back into your CAD model. The result, You can then use, refine, and analyze […]

Thingworx – Internet of Things (IoT)

A single machine’s data can inform, but a factory floor of data has the power to transform.  By leveraging machine and operational data and breaking down data siloes, you can open a world of operational efficiencies that change everything you know about manufacturing.   ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform turns IoT data into actionable insights. PTC […]

Utilise your data more efficiently

ThingWorx Navigate enables stakeholders throughout the organization to easily access the rich data stored within the organization’s enterprise system – no training required. With out-of-the-box (OOTB) role and task-based apps that provide contextualized information as well as the ability to easily customize apps to meet organizational needs, ThingWorx Navigate helps users spend less time searching […]

Thingworx Asset Advisor

Enables Service to Remotely Monitor, Diagnose and Resolve Issues. ThingWorx Asset Advisor continuously monitors key parameters in connected equipment to detect problems before they cause downtime.

Thingworx Navigate

Thingworx Navigate is a revolutionary new set of applications that let stakeholders across a company access and impact product data sourced from multiple systems of record in a simple, role-based user interface. By adding a single, streamlined, highly intuitive “system of engagement” through which users across a company can interact with accurate, high-fidelity, real-time data […]

Augment Your Product Design Reality

With Creo 4.0*, you can turn your digital design into physical reality. The key is Augmented Reality (AR). Picture an immersive design review where you could experience your design in the real world, one where a single click summoned a 3D representation of your product. We’ve integrated Creo with ThingWorx Studio, our world-Leading AR platform. […]

White paper on ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio ThingWorx Studio, along with ThingWorx View, delivers a graphically rich user experience where information is superimposed over a physical product through one, universal browser application. Through the use of these AR development and delivery tools, what was once a world of simple applications shifts towards full product experiences that enable end users in any industry, to better […]