Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

IETM is a digital technical manual that is crafted to suit a specific electronic medium, Viz. PDF, web, HTML, e-book etc. An IETM is intended to be the functional equivalent of a paper-based Technical Manual and in most cases a total replacement for the paper manual. It is different in that it is intended to […]

5 Ways to Become an Innovation Leader

  ENGINEERING & PRODUCT DESIGN   5 Ways to Become an Innovation Leader   Defined as “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods,” innovation is very often easier said than done in the business environment.

DeltaWASP -Whitepaper

DeltaWASP is the new line of clean design 3D printers. Hot pad, controlled temperature ambience and amortized bowden guarantee a controlled shrink of the material and better results in the final print.Accurate and reliable on all materials with pieces up to 40 cm in height with closed chamber and hot pad. Accurate and reliable on […]

How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction through Quality Management

How to achieve customer satisfaction through Quality Management In this fierce competitive manufacturing environment, it has become crucial to strive hard in order to differentiate on customer experience. Hence quality has become the top priority of best-in-class companies to achieve that customer satisfaction and outdo their competition. Here are some facts that highlight the importance of quality as adopted by best-in-class […]

Augmented Reality Strategy

Augmented Reality,a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world, promises to close the gap between digital world and physical world and release untapped human capabilities. Read more

White paper on ACER

Over the past few years, there has been a trend towards lighter and thinner tablets. Fiber reinforcement materials (PC+GF) and proper product design are the key factors to reducing weight while maintaining the desired product strength and stiffness.

Instek White paper

Applying 3D cooling channels by DMT cannot only manufacture complex shaped 3D shaped printed parts but also significantly improve quality. Read more.

IHS : Engineering Workbench

IHS Engineering Workbench uniquely meets the information and decision-making needs of today’s technical enterprise. By providing a single point of access to critical information resources and tools to help analyze and leverage essential knowledge, Engineering Workbench accelerates research and helps technical professionals solve problems, faster and better, to deliver competitive advantage.   ENGINEERING &PRODUCT DESIGN […]

SAMSUNG Electronics -Moldex3D

SAMSUNG Electronics Introduced Moldex3D As The Standard CAE Tool For Injection Molding Customer Profile Founded in 1938, SAMSUNG has maintained a mission statement that responds both to its own change, and to new developments in the world: “Economic contribution to the nation,” “Priority to human resources,” “Pursuit of rationalism.” Each slogan represents significant moments in […]


Assuming that parts of a dynamic assembly act as purely rigid bodies is like assuming that the earth is flat: The truth won’t be known until the assumptions are challenged. There is always an element of risk involved with challenging the status quo, but, luckily, using ANSYS Flexible Dynamics technology is less risky than falling off the edge of […]

White paper on ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio ThingWorx Studio, along with ThingWorx View, delivers a graphically rich user experience where information is superimposed over a physical product through one, universal browser application. Through the use of these AR development and delivery tools, what was once a world of simple applications shifts towards full product experiences that enable end users in any industry, to better […]

The Power of IoT Platforms for building AR Applications

 INTRODUCTION Digital devices, in combination with mobile applications, have been revolutionary for putting information in the palm of a worker’s hand. Mobile email on smartphones was the first example of technology that changed the way workers collaborated and exchanged information. Where there has been a gap for mobile workers is getting contextually-relevant visual information in […]