Unique FELXI Approach to Design Automation on PTC Creo

Design Automation helps Organisation to Automate the Designs for different product variants. The process of Requirement Gathering- Calculation- Design- IterationsManufacturing Drawings- Check list..is captured, automated and generated.

We bring you a live case study of Automation of Dynamic Pass Box – with a UNIQUE FLEXI Design Approach using Simple Tools in Creo Software Solution.

About DPB : Dynamic Pass Box is designed to provide functional support of controlling ingress of particulate contamination in clean room environment as well as in other controlled environment. They allow materials to be efficiently transferred into controlled environment without need of personnel movement avoiding any contamination.


Intent for Automation:

DPB – 8 Main Variants, with 21 type door orientations per Variant.

3 DWG per Door = 72 DWGs.( part drawings) for 24 door orientation

Automation of Dwg Templates- 2D Drawings, Auto updation of Sheet Metal Parts Developed Length, Auto renaming & Part dwg for individual parts- Auto print to PDF, Auto delete of Unwanted Parts from generated new variant assembly


Design Methodology :

  • Parameters & Design Variants Captured – Assembly Construction using Bottom Up Approach of Design.
  • Master Model with all foreseen combinations generated.
  • Input parameter thru Flexi Approach GUI – drives Master model & New Variant is generated .
  • Auto deletion of Excess / unwanted parts-assembly – w.o manual intervention.
  • New Master Assembly drive > Parts drives > Manufacturing 2D Drawings.. Check list .. BOM.. FLEXI Approach Solution Structure.



Benefits of FLEXI Approach :
  1. Flexi Approach allows to Add up New Design Variants in the Excel Based GUI (with min. MS Excel Knowledge) & in Master Assembly (with min. Creo Knowledge) – and derive New Variants from the new set of Inputs
  2. Rigid Automation – Does not allow for new inclusions.
  3. Option for New Variants – to become a part of Existing Library – For Re Use..
  4. Low Software investment since Pro program available in AAX with Creo Basic. Application tool kit is not needed

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