Utilise your data more efficiently

ThingWorx Navigate enables stakeholders throughout the organization to easily access the rich data stored within the organization’s enterprise system – no training required. With out-of-the-box (OOTB) role and task-based apps that provide contextualized information as well as the ability to easily customize apps to meet organizational needs, ThingWorx Navigate helps users spend less time searching for data and more time doing what they do best: developing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting world-class products.


  • Contextual, role or task-based apps focused on the needs of the non-expert user.
  • Seamless and more secure delivery of rich product development data managed in PLM to the enterprise.
  • Experience product information in multiple formats – whether on a screen or in augmented reality.
  • Combine PLM data with data from other sources through the App Development Kit.
  • Tailor OOTB apps or build customisable apps to meet specific business requirements.
  • Rapid application development focused on flexible schema and reuse to quickly meet changing needs.
  • Easy to install and upgrade independently from PLM solution stack.

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