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Tata Motors Drives Innovation Through Rapid Design Point Analysis Event on 27th and 28th July 2022

Adroitec Engg    06-Apr-2023
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This webinar series spread over 2 days dwells on some of the current hallenges faced by the auto industry and the opportunities presented to local manufacturers to compete in global markets.
Learn from the executive interactive fireside chat on how technologies in the areas of design, simulation and AI are being leveraged by companies to be more competitive onthe global stage. It covers opinions from multiple stakeholders across the organizational chain on the importance and the business impact of democratizing simulation to thedesign community.
Understand how designers can be empowered to evaluate multiple design options very early in the development process without getting into the complexities of simulations thereby reducing design iterations and product development lead time.
Reserve your seat to see how Tata Motors is extending Lean principles in the design process to minimize design iterations and maximize first-pass success.