BOM Management Software

Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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BOM Management Software

Eliminate production risks

Need to ensure smooth production schedules? Want advance warning of important product changes? Have to navigate complex environmental or regulatory constraints?
BOM Manager helps you to oversee component and supplier risks, and enables you to monitor parts availability, changes, and compliance and production lifecycles. It aids easy lookup of components by part number, manufacturer or attributes, promoting quick side-by-side comparisons.
BOM Manager provides you the most complete access to component information via direct integration with CAPS Universe (the world’s largest component database) which contains 450 million electronic, electro-mechanical and fastener components from over 4000 manufacturers, segmented by detailed technical attributes, and includes lead-free alternates, lifecycle forecasts, and current availability and pricing data.
BOM Manager is now BOM Intelligence.
You need to keep pace and compete in the most intense, unforgiving and ever-changing ecosystem in the business world. That’s why IHS Markit has created the next generation of bill-of-materials tool: BOM Intelligence.
As the world’s first intuitive, comprehensive and automated bill-of-materials analysis system, BOM Intelligence enables organizations to keep pace with new product innovation, avoid costly supply chain disruptions and product redesigns due to parts obsolescence, and evolving compliance regulations. Backed by the largest database of electronic parts components in the world, with nearly 500 million components, BOM Intelligence proficiently links information, people and processes to more intelligently manage your electronic component supply chain.
BOM Intelligence helps you proactively manage component obsolescence and compliance and extended supply chains as well as isolating ‘at-risk’ components throughout the entire product cycle. This eliminates redundancy, avoids excess inventories and component shortages and reduces the risks of using counterfeit parts, helping you to meet production targets while managing costs effectively. In addition, our industry- leading alert notification system helps you build a competitive advantage by identifying key component part changes that can affect designs, sources and even margins to drive differentiation, market share and commercial prosperity.

BOM Manager helps you improve technical, design and sourcing decisions by enabling to you to:

  • Select the best candidates for your design across the widest range of possible components
  • Eliminate redundant parts and suppliers, enterprise-wide
  • Avoid production interruptions due to parts obsolescence or unplanned redesign
  • Adhere to environmental and regulatory constraints
  • Monitor technology advances that can affect designs, sources, or margins
  • Automate analysis and resolution processes

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