Codes and Standards

Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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Codes and Standards
IHS Markit standards solutions allow companies to access and manage documents from more than 370 standards developing organizations (SDOs), government and military sources.

What do you get?

IHS Markit is your one-stop source for fast access to mission-critical industry, government and military codes and standards. Purchasing individual standards from IHS Markit is easy and efficient, and you can choose from more than 1.2 million standards, codes, manuals, publications, technical books, and training materials from over 500 standards development organizations (SDOs) and publishers. These include the industry’s leading collection of historical standards dating back to the 1920s.

How you get them:

Through this e-commerce website, you can quickly access our online database to find the exact standards and publications you need. Search by document number or title or browse our industry stores to find the exact information you need for your project. You can contact the nearest Adroitec office or fill the Enquiry form link given below and we’ll locate the publications for you. From Adroitec you will get the best offers.

Choose from a variety of formats:


A printed copy of your selected document.


A PDF file delivered to your desktop via email.


Many of the most popular individual standards and standards sets IHS Markit has to offer are available on this medium, and most can be loaded to your internal corporate network for a nominal additional charge.

RAP (Remote Access Printing):

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Our patented delivery method delivers hardcopy documents to you immediately without shipping costs. We send you a special PDF file which you print at your location. You print however many copies as you have ordered. Every copy is officially licensed and sanctioned by the publisher.