Design Automation

Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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design automation

Knowledge Based Engineering

The need to capture, manage and utilize design knowledge and automate processes unique to a manufacturer’s product development experience has led to the development of Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) technology. The purpose of KBE is to provide a specialized design environment to the users for capturing design intent. The goal of KBE technology is to provide design organizations with a high-level programming environment for capturing and infusing this valuable knowledge into its product design processes and to engineer to manufacture products with more consistent product quality and increased production efficiency.

KBE helps in reduction in design time, eliminates checking, captures product knowledge and allows companies to customise more and more products, with shorter lead time, increasing market share and revenues.

Adroitec’s Knowledge Based Engineering model benefits

  • Drastic reduction in design cycle time
  • Capturing product knowledge , technical know how and expertise of experienced personnel
  • Human error removed to a large extent
  • Enhanced facility for checking the basic design data
  • Instant availability of data on system (Drawing retrieval time reduced to minimum)
  • Interpolation possible for new product development
  • Archiving the design practices & experience of the designers
  • Integrating Engineering Analysis Calculation with the Computer Aided Design and Model
  • Performing simulation of the model for performance, manufacturing of parts, assembly and for operation & maintenance
  • Linking it with Stores System, Drawing Document Management, Bidding System, etc.