Flex PLM

Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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flex plm

Flex PLM

Inspiration & Innovation-Driven Design

Your retail consumers are demanding. In fact, their expectations are higher than ever. They want to buy great products from any channel they want and however they want, using digital, social and mobile options. They want better in-store experiences, and they want a good price.

As a retailer or brand owner, you need to change the game.

You need to create winning products, get them to market faster, and deliver them on cost, while leveraging a complex, global supply chain. With PTC’s retail solutions, you can simplify the complex challenges of end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), from concept to consumer.
PTC FlexPLM’s next generation capabilities transform how leading retailers and brand owners deliver inspired and innovative products to market. We provide a single version of the truth for all product development data and activities. Our solutions deliver visibility and connectivity across consumers, products, stores, designers and supply chains. To win today, your products, suppliers and customers need to be smart and connected, as well as beautifully designed and efficiently manufactured. PTC’s manufacturing heritage and smart, connected strategy mean we can deliver the only solution platform that can enable truly transformative creative, manufacturing, and supply chain strategies.

Why Creo?

And PTC’s retail solutions are proven to be uniquely flexible, scalable, robust and secure, whether you’re running them on-premise or in our cloud – so you can get started quickly, realize value, and grow at your own pace.

PTC’s solution helps you achieve rapid time-to-value, improve product margins, operational efficiency and accelerate design innovation. –Read more