Goldfire Cognitive Search

Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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Goldfire Cognitive Search
Unlock technical knowledge buried in enterprise systems
What if you could give your engineers the ability to more rapidly solve problems and generate solutions?
Despite significant investments in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), content management and other systems, engineers and other technical professionals spend a third or more of their time searching for the information they need.
Today, this involves searching across decades-old, non-integrated enterprise systems in the hopes of surfacing critical data from past projects. Over half the time, technical knowledge workers report they are unable to find the information they seek. As a result, critical decisions are made without the benefit of knowledge from past projects, lessons learned and best practices. Work is repeated, resources are wasted, deadlines and revenue targets are missed.
Goldfire, powered by world-class Artificial Intelligence technologies including cognitive search, machine learning and natural language processing, unlocks answers in an organization’s technical knowledge. Pinpointing answers buried in enterprise systems and unstructured data, Goldfire enables technical professionals to accelerate problem solving and make better decisions, faster.

Goldfire users:

  • Easily discover and reuse knowledge inside and outside the enterprise
  • Leverage lessons of the past to minimize waste, rework and re-invention
  • Boost engineering productivity and reduce the learning curve for new employees
  • Accelerate and improve ideation and problem solving

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