Adroitec Engg    02-Jun-2023
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The ThingWorx Technology Platform is the only enterprise-ready platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. ThingWorx contains the most complete set of integrated loT-specific development tools and capabilities making solution development simple, time-to-market fast and solutions built on the platform more compelling.
  • Connect – connect you .. things” using ThingWorx connectivity or industrial connectivity from Kepware.
  • Analyze – ThingWorx analytics automates complex analytical processes for loT data such as real-time anomaly detection at the edge, predictive analytics and simulations. 
  • Create – robust development tools enable the both skilled and novice lo T developers to quickly create solutions. 
  • Experience – Use augmented reality from Vuforia to create experiences that help end users better create, service and operate their .. things••. 
  • Share – Collaborate with loT developers around the world through the ThingWorx DevZone, Marketplace and at our annual lo T Conference, LiveWorx. Read more

Industrial Connectivity

The Industrial Internet of Things leverages existing technologies in industrial settings – including machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies – and incorporates newer big data and machine learning technologies to enable smart, connected machines.

Meet Kepware

ThingWorx delivers Industrial Connectivity via Kepware•s industry-leading communications platform, the most complete solution for device-to-cloud interoperability. KEPServerEX provides a single source of industrial automation data to multiple applications, allowing users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.
Kepware enables interoperability with the ThingWorx Platform via a ThingWorx agent in the loT Gateway for KEPServerEX. The agent enables users to easily move the industrial data on the edge into ThingWorx, providing a seamless user experience between the technologies.
Kepware is continually evolving to support platform independence and new methods of data access. These capabilities are essential to enabling improved operational efficiency through applications like preventative maintenance, energy monitoring, product lifecycle insights, and global production tracking. Read more