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Bellis hardware reduces Product Development time by 10% using PTC CREO

Time to Market

Initiative: Minimizing the time to market by decreasing the design cycle

Results: Fully associative 3D to 2D with strong powerful engineering features with PTC CREO gives the accurate manufacturing drawings reducing errors and rework

Faster response to change

Initiative: Capture engineering changes of similar products and improve change management

Results: With two way association nature of PTC CREO , Mfg. drawings are made/updated automatically. Drawing errors are reduced to great extent.

Accurate Design Development

Initiative: Designers need to develop designs faster and accurate

Results: PTC CREO Flexible Modeling enabled customer to make faster design changes with less errors

Standardizing the CAD platform

Initiative: Consolidating with one standard, reliable, flexible CAD platform

Results: CREO’s Unite technology makes it easy to work with CAD models created in other applications and saves considerable time


With CREO we have reduced product development time by approx. 10%. CREO design capabilities helped us to improve designing time significantly…. – Nakul Sharma Design Engineer

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