Closed Loop Quality Management -Training

Closed Loop Quality Management

Adroitec Engineering Solutions hosted the event for Quality Department resources. The event was focusing on the product quality, reduction of automation time.

The event was held at Hotel Quality Sabari Inn, T.Nagar on 12 June 2018 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm where we had participants from most of the Automotive Companies, Tier I and Tier II suppliers and even other manufacturing companies.

This was one of the nice Event ever hosted by Adroitec because, this event focused on,

Boosting the product quality by identifying the failure trends and critical failure information and generate their reports

How fortune companies reduce the engineers time in identifying the root cause, pinpoint right problem statement and arrive at the solutions

How automation of ISO/IATF process and CAPA Process helps in reducing the lead time.

Gaining real-time visibility over product quality, failure modes, control plans and more.

Success stories of top companies in reducing product risk, improving product development, and improved quality and reduced cost.

The event started with the Welcome speech by Mr Vinayak Bhandarkar, Country Manager at Adroitec Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, giving insights on how Adroitec has transformed lot of Tier I and Tier II automotive companies in their design process automation, improving quality by introducing automated IATF process and moving to paperless culture. He also address how these had impacted critically in improving productivity and the growth of the company.

The event started of with the guest speaker, Mr Siva Ganesh, Marketing Director from PTC, who gave real-time insights on addressing the Quality issues through the Internet of Things.

Finally, live demonstration on Closed Loop Quality Management was done by the Technical team which was presented by Mr Arunraj Rajakumar, Senior Engineer – Enterprise Technologies.

A live demonstration was shown on how a closed loop quality management can be automated and how it helps in streamlining the process to identify failure trends and how to multiple people can interact with automated CAPA process.
A variety of trend graphs and reports were shown to audience which would help them to take better decisions on quality improvement.
Finally, a live demonstration on IHS Root Cause Analysis was shown how to identify and solve root cause faster compared to traditional way which would takes days and months to solve.

The participants were pretty excited on these solutions provided by Adroitec and had started discussing on ways to implement them in their organizations during the networking dinner.

If you are interested in finding more about this program, please contact

Srinivasan, Senior Territory Manager
+91-99520 88075

Arunraj Rajakumar, Senior Engineer – Enterprise Technologies
+91-77082 55753

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