Creo Ansys Simulation: Engineering Simulation Software

Creo Ansys Simulation: Engineering Simulation Software

With Creo Ansys Simulation, PTC and Ansys put the power of gold-standard simulation at the fingertips of the design engineer. Creo Ansys Simulation offers high-fidelity, high accuracy simulation for design refinement and validation. Best of all, the capabilities do not require expert knowledge to use and are accessible via the familiar Creo user interface. You can analyze your model and quickly identify problem areas. Once you update the design, you can easily rerun the analysis, without recreating it.

  • Powered by Ansys, with high-fidelity, high-accuracy simulation for design refinement and validation
  • Linear Static Structural Analysis, Modal Structural Analysis, and Steady State Thermal Analysis
  • Multiple studies per simulation model
  • Automatic mesh and contacts (advanced options for manual control)
  • Support for masses, springs, shells, and beams
  • Boundary conditions specified on geometry
  • Associativity with Creo Simulation Live Setup

Creo Ansys Simulation seamlessly integrates the power of Ansys, the leader in engineering simulation, directly into Creo. Built specifically for designers and engineers, this easy-to-use, fully-featured, high-fidelity simulation tool leverages Ansys’ capabilities for thermal, structural, and modal analyses. Furthermore, users can share loads and constraints with Creo Simulation Live during the design phase and export their simulation study to Ansys Mechanical.

Capabilities include:

  • Finite element analysis for parts and assemblies
  • Automatic meshing
  • Finite element modeling idealizations
  • Static structural analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Steady state thermal analysis
  • Linear contact analysis
  • Joints


Creo is a 3D CAD solution that helps you build better products faster by accelerating product innovation, reusing the best of your design and replacing assumptions with facts. Go from the earliest phases of product design to a smart, connected product with Creo. And with cloudbased augmented reality in each seat of Creo, you can collaborate with anyone, instantly at any step in the product development process. In the fast-changing world of the Industrial IoT, no other company can get you to substantial value as quickly and effectively as PTC.

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