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Creo Illustrate

Communicate complex graphical information effectively with rich, 3D interactive technical illustrations

The use of 3D illustrations is a rapidly growing opportunity for manufacturers to deliver more effective technical information. Creo Illustrate couples superior 3D illustration capabilities with associative CAD data to deliver task based graphical content, specific to product configurations, supporting formats from hard copy to Augmented Reality (A/R).

Creo Illustrate offers a dedicated environment with the capabilities required to create rich, 3D technical illustrations that accurately reflect current product design to communicate complex information for the manufacturing, operation, servicing and maintenance of numerous products. Additionally, the software facilitates re-purposing existing 3D CAD data by maintaining an associative link to original CAD files, allowing for quick updates when there’s a design change. These illustrations, sequences and animations communicate complex information that is easily

updated to reflect product and part changes. Creo Illustrate can also restructure CAD engineering bills of materials (eBOMs) to create service bills of materials (sBOMs) or manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs) to meet a variety of technical content requirements.

Key benefits:

Increase comprehension and parts accuracy  

  • Clearly convey complex information: Create 3D animations to visually describe complex manufacturing and service procedures for easy consumption
  • Reduce translation costs:Replace text with illustrated step-by-step procedures, 3D animations, illustrated parts lists, and other graphical representations

Increase illustrator productivity: Automate illustration change management throughout the product lifecycle by maintaining an associative link to original CAD files

  • Automate parts list creation: Generate parts lists and call outs directly from CAD metadata to produce dynamic parts lists

Accelerate repair and maintenance times

  • Enable easy 3D navigation of product information, based on specific product configurations and user environments
  • Provide technicians and users with easy-to-understand 3D technical information that will increase productivity and accuracy globally

Improve product performance and customer experience

  • Deliver interactive training materials and technical information to improve product adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Capitalize on growing adoption of 3D devices and applications to deliver advanced 3D product support content that is easy to find and understand

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