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Digital Standard Operation Procedure (DSOP)

A standard operating procedure (SOP) captures the typical, sequential, step by step, activities involved in a process. For a manufacturing shop or an Assembly, shop SOP is a vital part of its documentation mandates. A properly documented SOP shall ensure efficiency and consistency in the process, and hence the product. An organization shall be able to leverage the actual benefits of an SOP only if it is made well communicative with respect to the users.

It is often the case, that manufacturing and assembly shops need to deal with operators and technicians, who may be reluctant to read documents or manuals. Sometimes the technician or operator attrition rate is also a major challenge that requires a lot of repeated training. This need for an effective and communicative SOP, maybe address with a Digital Standard Operating Procedure (DSOP). A Digital Standard Operating Procedure is a video that illustrates the step by step instructions in the form of a 3D animated interactive content. A DSOP enables better interaction and effective communication with the technician by its visualization and audio. Apart from documenting the best practices, the animation could also capture what not to do in an effective way, unlike a printed book. Apart from these, a DSOP shall have many more benefits to an organization.


  • Consistency in the communicated information.
  • Visual communication hence better communication.
  • Effective and quick training aid, hence efficient.
  • Operator or technician performance benchmarking.
  • Effective communication of warning and precautions creates a safer workplace.
  • Documented intellectual property hence no loss of knowledge.

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