Fly high with Altair Multiphysics Simulation Platform

Join us to hear Professor Satya Chakravarthy talk about Simulation-Driven Design, ePlane

Live Webinar – November 10, 2022, 03:00 PM IST | Register Now

Globally, the evolving product design can now encompass complex integrated systems. This enables technologically advanced products like UAVs/Drones to leverage a multidisciplinary simulation-driven design approach; thereby accelerating the product development process, improving deployment efficiency, and meeting regulatory standards.

The Altair Smart Multi-physics platform caters to this ever growing demand by providing best-in-class solutions for complex multidisciplinary and multi-physics analysis and design problems involving structures, fluids, and others. The optimised design can also lend itself easily for additive manufacturing to reduce product development time and costs by reducing material usage, print time, and so on.

To know more about this, join us in this webinar to discuss how you can “Fly high with Altair Multiphysics simulation platform”.

Who should attend this?

  • Engineers working in the Design and CAE groups
  • Engineers who want to understand the right approach to model-simulate-analyze engineering problems
  • Systems design engineers
  • AI/ML and IoT engineers

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