Innovative Design Solutions for Packaging Manufacturers

Ironcad Event was organized at Peenya , Bangalore on 5th Dec 2019, at Bommasandra, Bangalore on 6th Dec 2019 and at Coimbatore on 7th Dec 2019.

Topics Covered

  • Adroitec Corporate Presentation-Mr. Vinayak Bharadwaj
  • IronCAD Introduction
  • IronCAD – The Packaging Design Solution by Mr.Waqar
  • Why IronCAD is an Optimum Solution for Packaging Solution for Packaging
  • IronCAD for Wooden
  • IronCAD for Corrugated
  • IronCAD for Foam Packaging.
  • IronCAD Design Extensions i.e. IronCAD Mechanical, Multiphysics for IronCAD, SimWise Motion for IronCAD, KeyShot
  • Existing Customers Appreciation & speech respectively followed by Question & Answer Session and Pricing and Offer



Segment of Prospects covered

We have specifically targeted the packaging industries, their various sub types.

  • Wooden
  • Corrugated
  • Foam Packaging.


Various customers were interested in the product, further discussions are going on, with subsequent demos, followups.Overall the response from the customer end was good.

Extra Information Regarding IronCAD

IronCAD is leading the industry in configuration-based design capabilities through its unique catalog drag and drop design process and its intuitive sizing and positioning utilities. Easily add assemblies, parts, features, or other relevant content such as materials and catalogs and share them among your design team for convenient access. Group common components and quickly search for desired components and simply drag and drop into your designs.

IronCAD not only provides precise reference locations when you drop your components, it also provide a power tool to position and locate your component in any complex orientation that is required.

Reuse and positioning alone will not fulfill the increase in productivity. It’s the ability to take the existing geometry and perform modifications that may have or may not have been planned in your original design. IronCAD’s flexibility is key to deliver the ability to make these changes confidently without worrying about how the original design was created while taking advantage of design rules where necessary.

Configuration-based design is this columniation of storing and reusing components, positioning components, and having the flexibility to make modifications to complete new designs in a shorter design cycle and IronCAD is at the forefront of delivering this capability.

The events covered a demo on Nefab which provides custom packaging solutions for companies in the telecom, energy, vehicle, healthcare, and aerospace industries that ship oversized products. Using the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite’s handles and Dynamic Intelligent Design features, Nefab is able to drag and drop packaging designs around 3D data for its customers’ products, configuring the perfect custom packaging every time. Not only are the designs always right with IronCAD, they now take hours to create — rather than weeks!


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