New Creo releases

Did you catch the big announcement at this year’s LiveWorx? Starting in 2018, Creo will be moving to annual releases. Paul Sagar, PTC’s senior vice president of product management, broke the news earlier this year. Annual releases will benefit companies of every size. SMBs can get new features faster, while enterprise users can see how those new additions are working for everyone else before they implement them.

CAD segment senior vice president Brian Thompson says that moving to annual releases will allow PTC adapt to changes in the industry more quickly, which will be critical as the IoT and AR markets continue to grow and more companies move to subscription licensing. “As the interest in subscription expands, an annual release cycle allows us to deliver continuous value to our customers,” says Thompson. “The selection of Creo by companies of varying sizes and industries is a testament to the momentum in the market and the interest in the added capabilities PTC brings to the design process with IoT and AR.”

New Creo releases are scheduled to come out every March, starting with Creo 5 in March of 2018, Creo 6 in March of 2019, and Creo 7 in March of 2020.

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