Windchill Quality

The PTC Global Quality solution gives early, and ongoing, visibility into product compliance, performance and risk. You can see how each individual component will ultimately affect regulatory status, cost, sustainability and other critical product requirements, all while being able to assess the risks associated with the design decisions. This information is immediately shared with stakeholders across the business which enables an enterprise-wide approach to:

  • Plan and predict quality early during product design and development, before issues arise
  • Establish visibility with an enterprise-wide source for quality analysis and feedback
  • Close the loop to resolve issues, reuse lessons learned and improve product and process quality

By designing in product and process quality, companies can:

  • Reduce the cost of engineering changes up to 75% by switching from correction to prevention
  • Increase operating margin 25% and reduce failure costs 29% with integrated PLM and quality tools
  • Reduce COPQ to increase earnings 10 – 15% with consistent, integrated quality best practices

Download the PTC Global Quality Brochure (.PDF)



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